What a great place for a LandingPage!

Rocksmith Edition LandingPage - HIgh Quality Landing Page for Blogger.

Rocksmith LandingPage


HQ Rocksmith Edition Landing Page For Blogger


Rocksmith Edition is a stunning one page blogger template.The LandingPage has cool features & fast loading.A perfect landing page for personal bloggers and writers.It is super easy to use as it does not complicate things. It provides the best user experience when reading articles.Rocksmith Edition LandingPage design will make your website look professional and clean looking.

So what is a custom Landing Page?

It a page which is first appeared when some visits a site, ie. Its like a homepage.As we said above that other then blogger, any other CMS like wordpress/drupal can create a custom landing page without doing any effort, but when it comes to blogger there is no simple way! but don’t worry, you can easily customize this landingpage as you wish.

Features of Rocksmith Edition Landing Page

● HQ one page Landing Page.
● Work with Blogger.
● Customizable.
● Disable Right Click.
● Disable Copy Paste.
● Custom Font.
● Hover button.
● Easy To Edit.

What you will get?

● Landing Page (Template).
● Content.
● Header Image (PNG) [With Niche and also Without so you can use it for another]
● Footer Image (PNG) [With Niche and also Without so you can use it for another]
● Download Button (PNG).
● Detail Tutorial included.


Rocksmith Edition LandingPage

Video Demo

Note: Its a very Easy to edit all You Need is To Have Change your Backgrond,Header,Footer Image.
Requirement:You need to have some knowledge in Photoshop and Html.


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